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Warming Up: Part VIII

Well, suffice to say I have been working pretty hard on Sundown due to the stringent deadlines set before me. On a typical night, I spend anywhere from 6 ½ to 8 hours at the drawing table – and I log in about 20+ hours on weekends. My elbows/forearms are achy, as is my back and neck, lol. But it’s ALL worth it because, hey, yours truly is going to be in the August edition of Previews =)

This warm-up page needs no text/translation because a.) the dude in the foreground is obviously a bad guy and b.) El Patron is about to smash his head with a friggin’ chair.

Have a nice friggin’ day.

J friggin’ out.

This is the best El Patron so far. Mostly because of the top panel having so much detail in it with the city outside the doorway and everything. And the guy reading the paper looks really cool, but why does it say "No cellphones" in english?

Man, I love your hands...like...not YOUR hands but, the hands that you draw...anyways, all three of you guys have been making me re-consider my style...I have been considering having an alternate, well alternate-alternate style that is a bit more realistic than my cartoon style and a bit more cartoony than my realistic style. It would help for some feed-back as to if you think it would be a good idea. Also, have you still been exercising while doing all of those pages?

The "no cellphones" thing is a joke, as is the "Spanish News" title (why would it be in English?!?), lol

I've been trying to exercise as much as possible, but I have to admit the past couple of weeks have been really difficult on account of my current schedule.

My brother and I are riding a short loop today (about 20 miles), so at least I can keep the ol' muscles in working form.

20 MILES!!!!!!!! you are a glutten for punishment!!!!!!!

and to be fair...........COUGH(your hands suck)COUGH, COUGH LOL!!!!!!!!

DO they really???

No, man, your hands are awesome.

Jason, you, sir, are The Man.

(I'm the writer of Sundown, and y'all are in for a treat. First issue--the one without Jason's pencils--goes on sale this Wednesday.)

DUDE,........come you knew I was kidding right???????? didn't you see the (cough,cough) LOL!!!!!! when you're sketching they suck when you are doing finished stuff they rule (this is alot like any professional)!!!!!!!!!!! light'n up!!!! I'm only josh'N ya!

plus sorry I missed your call I'll call you tomorrow!


Nice talkin' to ya last weekend, D-Rock! And good luck with "you know who" ;)

Oh, and everybody please welcome Jay Busbee, writer of Sundown: Arizona to the blog! You guys has better get yourself a copy of #1 (sans my artwork) so you won't be lost for #2 (my pro debut!)

I'm buying 4 copies so the sales will chart and get your book into the top 100 books this month!!! HA! HA!

Dude for sure everybody will get so we can get say we know you!!!!!!!


Ha Ha! I think that sales figures are determined by actual sales to retailers tho.

Regardless, snatch 'em up so they will be forced to re-order! LOL!!! At least issues 2 and 3!!!

I only have five bucks right now. Once I get paid I gots to pick up The Venger, Sundown #1, all star bats & boy wonder, and a certain Batman strikes issue......and some One Piece graphic novels. It's gonna be mid-august by the time I have the money, so The Venger issue #2 will be out by then.

That's gonna take me a long time though cause I only get paid like three bucks a week...and that starts when school starts. But the venger is numbah 1 on my list, Justice.

Cool. Have you checked out the copy Dadicus has? If he's holding out on ya, lemme know and I will personally come over there and place his head in a blender...

Heh heh. No, he hasn't showed me his copy. I've been drooling over a five page preview I found on some website a month and a half ago. I don't mind though. I can wait.

HA! HA! HA! HOLDING OUT???????? HE never even asked me to see it LIAR!!!!!!

dude I'l show him..........(freek'N midget) because he's so cool (nerd) and I'll make him draw Venger too! (KidFlash sucks) he's the best!

It's funny you say that Dadicus because I was planing on doing a Venger pic either this Thursday or next. HA HA. By the way, I couldn't ask to see your Venger comic seeing as how I didn't know you had it

I'm trying to put together something like a portfolio before school starts and right now, I'm goin' to do some pics of the Fantastic Four and the Venger.

KID FLASH STRIKES AGAIN!!!( Oh my god! I don't have a slogan this time!)

Hey KF, drop me a line when you get that drawing done of the Venger!

OKEEDOKEE!!!(said in Gir's voice)

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