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Been really busy with working on pages for “Sundown: Arizona” the last few days (note the “WIP” link on the right). Here’s the low-down: the mini-series was scheduled for three issues from Arcana Studio, and the first one was completed albeit minor hiccups from the artist. Basically, it came past time for pages from issue 2 to be sent in, and no one from Arcana could get a hold of him. They needed to work fast, and that’s when EIC Sean O’Reilly contacted me asking if I would be interested in completing the miniseries (2 issues). The opportunity presented itself and I took it, no more, no less. The above cover was done by the original series artist.

This does not mean I am halting all work on the Venger. Matt and I discussed having the Venger being released quarterly if need be, and for now this does not create any problems regarding deadlines, so issue 2 will be hitting your face in October/November – so get ready!

I will refrain from posting anything Sundown-related for the time being for legal reasons, so you’ll just have to wait until it’s out to see anything here. For the time being, you can do some stretches and warm-ups while awaiting #2 of “Sundown: Arizona” to hit your LCBS.

There’s always the next installment of “El Patron”…fair enough, I think.

J out.

GGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ, Justice......where do you get the time for this? Don't you have a job?

Got several of 'em!

About jobs ...me too!! I even feel like Clark Kent!!

Jason good luck on the project!!...JESUS ANTONIO

What can I say...I love to have my plate full!!

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