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Getting iNTiMATE

One of my fav books right now is the Intimates (even tho my excitement has dwindled a bit since Cammo left). At last year’s Wizard World Texas DC did a panel showcasing the book, and I picked up a couple of “exclusive variant covers” of issue 1 (complete w/Jim and Cammo’s sig). This title is as close to manga as I’ll get to, and in a way it’s sort of like the American version of the ever-so-popular Japanese style of comics.

On another note, all’s I got left are the inks to page 24 and issue #2 of Sundown: Arizona is complete on my end! The vacation I took last week was a much needed one, and I managed to get seven pages completed in a span of four days – whew! But its onto issue 3 now…=)

J out.

Congrast on the Sundown, Justice. There's only gonna be three issues, right?

Yeah, only three.

Now your starting to right less like Jim does on his Blog...which oddly enough has recently become Rich Friends blog haha but no complaints here for either blogs. Ill bet its all worth it once Sundown: Arizona comes out!

Awww, c'mon GNF! Gimme a break here =)

I do know this: the less time I spend posting up images means the more time I am spending on pages, lol!

I know what you mean regarding Gelatometti...It's nice that the other WS guys post stuff, but it seems that everyone (that I've talked to) always anticipates Jim's posts ;P


you know as much as I like Cammo's artwork on the Intimates.....Ales touch is pretty danm good looking to. Sorry to say Im not a big fan of his work but for the Intimates I think it fits nicely. The only thing that pisses me off bout the Intimates are the little sub-notes (whatever you call them) on the bottom! I dunno why. The worse part is I cant helo but read them thinking if I skip them Ill be missing something important haha

That book is so ridiculously retarded, I can't get past all of the major character faults, sometimes it's funny but most it's just mean spirited towards the fat girl and it all just is to much like the stuff I out grew in high school. the art was always good but just with nothing for me personally to grab onto I just let the book fall into the obscurity of my mind to hopefully be forgotten??????? I love the Sketch by the way great blackberry!!!!!!!!! HA! HA! great boobs, sleak lines it's all here for an art nerd!!!!!!

I agree that the book would look really good w/Ale's artwork...and I know what you mean about those info scrolls...lol

Dadicus, you wouldn't know a good book if it jumped in the air and smacked you over the knoggin! lol Joe Casey does a bang-up job with the dialogue, and (as far as I know) it's the first book to explore the concept of all the superheroes being contained in one location (the school). Ha, you know I'm just kidding with you! On a similar note, I was a bit dissappointed with Wildsiderz...the "origin" of the characters coming together is a little weak, and that's why I like iNTiMATES - they act mean to other kids the same way it goes down at school. Sorry if your high school experience sucked, LOL!!!!!

Hah, so, Dadicus outgrew making fun of fat girls?...weird, man...Hahah.


Okay, I did a Venger pic yesterday and people keep telling me it's messed up, but I don't see much wrong with it.

Well...let's see it! Email it me.

I don't have a scanner yet, so I'm gonna have to have my dad scan it at work or somethin'. Once I get it on my computer, I'll email it.

HOLY CRAP Jason you drew that!!!

It just hit me. Im such a dumbass. Yo I have to give you clap, props , thumbs up whatever cause here I thought that was a pic you just clicked and saved and posted up hahaha. NIce work.

LOL! If I ever post up anything by another artist, I will ALWAYS give them props...in other words, all the crap on this blog is my stuff, lol.

Note my signature on the screen of her phone =)

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