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See Ya Later

We are moving houses this weekend, and I’ve been packing things from my office throughout the week. I had been meaning to take some shots of my “studio” prior to the packing but completely forgot so what you see here is a stripped-down version of my work space, complete with about 8 boxes of miscellaneous stuff in the middle of the floor (which I tried to conceal as best I could). The office measures approx. 10’x15’ which I find pretty ironic due to what I spend most of my time doing in there (those of you who are comic artists will get it) although for some reason in these shots it looks tiny, lol.

The cool thing about my comic collection other than a couple of short stacks of newer issues they are already “packed” in boxes for ease of transport =)

Pictured here in my makeshift panorama is my entertainment center (sans entertainment, lol), road bike, mountain bike, art table, tools of the trade (in two separate containers w/three drawers each – which you cannot see because of the angle :P), pc, and the entry/exit into/out of the office. I haven’t managed to take down my Jim Lee posters yet as they will be the last thing to leave the old office and the first thing to be set up in my new one…gotta have some inspiration from somewhere =)

I added the sepia toning to the pic because it gives it that “so long, old friend” feel, lol.

This shot was taken @ 2:36 a.m. this morning after I decided that the pencils I layed down were adequate enough to constitute going to bed. It’s going to be a long weekend…

J out.

nice cozy little work space you got there. The pics might be small but I can definitely recognize the Batman Allstar poster you got hanging there. Speaking of posters thats how I would prefer it too...last to go...first to put up.

btw it just seems like everyone is moving ot something

It is wierd that we have all moved locations or rooms in the last three to four months!!!!! Where are you moving again? still in L.A. (HA! HA!) or out of state?

Yeah, we're all a bunch of roamers...

We're just moving to a different house - same city, etc.

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