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Settling In

I definitely had an action-packed weekend! We are settling into our new house nicely, and my oldest son (will be 2 in September) has taken to it rather well =)

I managed to get the essentials of my office set up last night with plans to start hitting the drawing board tonight. After the weekend’s move and about 600 lbs of comics my arms didn’t quite feel like holding a pencil, at least not confidently, lol

Thankfully, the weather held out long enough so that nothing got wet (Google: Hurricane Katrina) in the process. We aren’t in any danger since we live in the Northeast corner of the boot state, but rain is inevitable.

Oh ya, the above sketch is really old, but it’s the only thing I had on my pc that hasn’t been shown before…I’ve been procrastinating in regards to scanning any newer stuff, and I need to get some more things onto the pc (I have the “conclusion” of the warm-up sessions a.k.a. El Patron collecting dust in my sketchbook).

J out.

glad 2 here you are ok and drownd!!
nifty sketch 2!!!

...not drowned!


Yeah, I've received a few emails today regarding Hurricane Katrina and our safety. Just so everyone knows, I live in the Northeast region of Louisiana so we're okay =)

I do, however, appreciate everyone's concern, and it means a lot!


Yeah, I did think about whether or not everything would be cool...We are about to get hit by the big son of a bitch soon...

Hi there! Got here from Gerry's blog. :)

Howdy Jonas :)

its nice to know you are okay...

here in miami we were one of the lucky ones...

we just lost electricity for about 2days ...
and we lost most of our fence.. but at least we are safe:)

still thinking about it though.. we never had problems with the previous hurricanes even though they were stronger when we felt it... it was stil a category 1 when it hit us... but there were a lot of down fences and trees everywhere ... weird


Hey kino, it's good to hear that you and yours are okay =)

I guess if the worst thing to happen was a bit of property damage consider yourself extremely lucky!

Take care,


i am lucky:)

i hope the other guys are going to be luckier than us...


I know that whenever I lift heavy things my fingers tend to shake a lot which makes drawing impossible.

Its good to hear your area isnt affected by the hurricane. Too bad for those people though...and the after affect isnt looking good either. Heard the possibility that they wont have eletricity for 2 months!

btw for some reason this drawing just reminds me of Spartan...theres even a pic that Dadicus did that looked like him

I know what you mean regarding the lifting/drawing thing, lol

Oh, and Spartan is cool =) This was just one of those random character sketches - sort of a "design as you go" type of thing.


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