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Antagonize Me

So I’ll bet you’re all wondering…just who ARE the antagonists in Sundown: Arizona?!? Here’s a sneak peak at a shot from issue 3 of one of the many, many “bad guys” in the book. The main villain will be revealed at the end of issue 2, and when you find out who it is, there ain’t no way you won’t be picking up the final issue! Darn tootin’!

J out.

nice stuff you been posting lately... really dug the arrow pants on the post below... neat idea.


Wuzzup h20, I appreciate it! And I can now say I have officially met someone that attended (or at least took part in) the Joe Kubert School!!!


cant imagine a dude with pants with arrows pointing down. Sorta the whole "getting down" idea implies way too much hah


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