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For Sundown I am leaning more towards a less refined and craggier look. The above pic is of one of the main characters, Clay, the town sheriff and all-around bad boy. It’s up to him to make the important decisions, and as we learned in issue 1 there is more to him than even his brother realized.

Jay has done an excellent job with character development, and the individuals presented in this book have personalities that really shine through. Unfortunately it has taken me until issue 3 to feel comfortable enough to say that I've caught my stride with them - and this is the final issue in the miniseries, lol.

For another great example of awesome character development, check out High Roads...every character brings something unique to the table be it dialogue, mannerisms, or simply the contrast in looks to other characters in the book. That WS creative team did a heckuva job on that title - action, intrigue, humor, you name it, this book has got it! Sure, I may be partial to my man Gerry Alanguilan, but all personal favs aside, it really is a wonderful book. And I can't mention his name without giving him (yet another) plug, Silent Dragon. Three words: Buy. It. Now.

Perhaps I will “spotlight” the other main characters in a later post.

J out.

I am so missing all this great unseen artwork!!!!!!!!!!Damn it!

You can really see the Leinul yu' influences coming through in your art,,,Great stuff!

OMG he lives!!! Dadicus lives!! LOL!

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