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Old Ways

Been meaning to post this for about a week. I sketched it out on my lunch hour a few weeks ago and just got around to throwing down the inks about a week and a half ago.

One of my absolute favorite movies is “The Last Samurai”. The original one is cool, but the latest one is just uber-superb with all the rich landscapes, etc. I am not ashamed to say that I am a fan of Tom Cruise’s movies (note that I said his movies, not him, lol), and I think that he did a more than amazing job with this role and Ken Watanabe as a supporting actor truly rounded out the movie.

I’ve wanted to tackle a “full-on” samurai, complete with helmet, etc for a while, and don’t ask me why, but I decided to draw this sans the helmet. I think that it shows a but more personality with the character since we can see his face, but is not near as menacing as it could be if a helmet was attached. I ended up adding the tree to add a serene feel to it since we can see his face. Hopefully I will draw some more samurai-genre artwork when time permits.

It’s easy to compare comic book art with old Japanese art since both mediums use similar line work/brushwork techniques. It’s neat how something can be so detailed yet so uncluttered at the same time (I am referring to original Japanese artwork, not mine, lol).

J out.

This is cool

I liked The Last Samurai too, never saw the first version though.

I remember a scene in which he was training with the samurai, which inspired me to draw the picture in my blog (I just reposted it there)

maybe you can do another one with a helmet on:) I think I like a samurai better without the mask. It makes them more human and makes their movement in battle more amazing.

I remember seeing your pic before...cool sunset =)

I agree with the "no helmet" theory...brings them down on a more human level.

This is so F'ing cool I'm really in Awe' of what you're doing right now ....I'm proud of you and it really shows in your art that everything is really clicking in that Noggin' O' yours!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'know I am about to really screw this sketch up by stating this: I just noticed that the shadow of the sword hilt that is on the dude's "loincloth thing" looks like an extension of his right leg which makes his leg look really skinny and like his loincloth thing is see-thru. When I drew this I didn't even notice! AGGHHH!

Oh well, there's always next time, lol

I always wanted to do a samurai pic, but I could never do it. I always messed up the armor. This one is cool though.


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