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Pocket Full Of...

Currently I am working on a double-page spread for issue 3 of Sundown. When I first read the script, I was thinking to myself, “Holy guacamole, I am soooo screwed!” I have to admit, I was a tad apprehensive right up to when I started on it, but then something weird happened…I totally relaxed and so far IMHO it is looking like the best page(s) of the series (on my end at least).

My mind tends to wander when I am “in the zone” on a page, and all sorts of things bounce around the ol’ noggin. One of them was the fact that I had never attempted to draw the Man of Steel. Yeah, yeah, I know…you’re thinking, “WhaddayameanyouhaventdrawnSuperman?!?” Pretty sad, actually, lol

Anyhoo here is my feeble attempt at taking a stab at the last son of Krypton. I initially wanted to go for the “classic” look, thus the HUGE symbol on his chest a la John Byrne. It also had hardly any rendering and shadows done to it since it was, after all, just a sketch to say I’ve drawn Supes, but once I threw the first spot of black on the leg I was screwed, lol.

The ironic thing is that it took me three times as long to throw down the colors (a little over an hour) as it did the actual artwork…I guess you can now add the mouse as well as the sword in terms of falling prey to the pen. At least in my case =)

J out.

Couldnt help noticing the similiar approaches in coloring with this pic and the Green Lantern pic for the Jam. Well anyways I alway tried to keep away from drawing Supes... just too hard to draw sometimes. I sometimes make him look too hispanic/asian/too young..hell I just have problems drawing him.

btw its still pretty incredible how you draw both Venger and Arizona so completely different. No offense but the drawing on the bottom looks nothing similiar to the style you usually draw and post up. Very tight and a hell lot more solid shadows!

kinda got a frank miller thing going on in the face...

i have to not draw superman, i always get into the inner battle of balancing my need to make him look human ala chris reeves, or other worldly, ala mcguiness... ah well...

i suck at superhero's anyhoo.


It feels like the supes from "Man of for all seasons" you know the Loeb-sale books! It is funny you still did almost a monocromatic look again!!!!! But I dig it!

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I guess the subconscious worked overtime on this one since my fav Superman was from TDKR by Miller.

I actually really enjoyed Man for All Seasons despite me not ususally liking any of Tim Sale's stuff...in this case, his style just seemed to fit wonderfully.

I think it's obvious now from the above references that I like Superman drawn BIG. I mean, heck, the guy is supposed to be the strongest guy in the world and all.


Oh, and GNF: I appreciate the comments!

How's school treatin ya?

This is real cool Jason! I particularly like the cape and his overall 'build'. But your version of the S is a little off and distracts me. But I still love you.


I see a bit of Jack Kirby and Barry Windsor Smith in it :)

Ha ha..I only WISH my anatomy was as good as Barry Windsor-Smith!

thanx for asking. Still to early to say how it is..but so far a lot better then my previous one.I also forgot how expensive art supplies can be.

Oh yah, they can be a pain to the ol' pocketbook!

If you're buying them from a local art supply store I would check and see if they have student discounts because college art stores tend to bend you over in terms of prices.

Also, check out:

Those sites have some pretty good deals.


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