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Revving Up for Exposure

Here's a link to the latest INTERVIEW.

J out.

the interview sounds so proffesional. The cover for Venger #2 looks great. Very simple and the color scheme being opposite just makes it even better. Itll look cool when you stack them all up together.

congratulations Jason You deserve it...You are a nice guy!! :)


"My style is a perfect fit for any book"
you are one classy dude HA! HA! congrats it still great to see venger getting props, and you looking like a bigshot with two ,count'M two project under you!!!!

Hey guys, I appreciate y'all checking it out! It's all still kinda strange to me, lol

will you be using a different style on SUNDOWN? or is it a bit sharper?

The style I am using on Sundown is a little more on the "edgy-unpolished" look. I will post an example maybe sometime today =)


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