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Comin At'Cha

Just another quick glimpse of Clay from issue 3 of Sundown: Arizona to keep the blog moving.

He's one bad - shut'cho'mouth!!

On another note, check out the latest NEWS.

J out.

wow this spam blogger has an awesome and impactfull way of pissing me off!!!!!!

I can't get enough of the line work you're doing these days it's really like watching a catapiller pop out of it's cacoon and his wings are bigger than mine..........(Damn it)

Hey that's great! I love the style you have on Clay. It's not just the linework as Dadicus says it is also the correct usage of blacks. Many artists don't know when enough is enough when you are using black. Also congratulations on the press release. It reads very well and focuses directly on you. Way to go!

are you inking your work?

Yes, I am in fact inking my own work =)

In fact you are!

DUDE there is a write up of you on Newsarama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I saw that the other day! Kinda weird.

That's crazy. In two years Justice is gona be a pro if he keeps this up.

Actually, with Sundown I am now considered to be a "pro."

But, in my eyes, I will always be a fanboy, lol.

I thought this is a Leinil yu work... Very pro indeed.

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