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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Just throwing some sketchbook work to move the blog along.

I apologize for not being as active on here as I would have liked; however, I am wrapping things up with Sundown so my frequency (or lack thereof) should change by the end of the week =)

J out.


I liked the Wonder woman!!


Thanks! Maybe one day I will throw some inks on Wondie and finish the sketch =)

Yes finally ! Now I can give it up for good!!!!! LOL (kidding)

cool new art... :) --kino--

no need to apologize. Everyone one seems to be pretty busy.

btw nice touch on super girl skirt hehe btw you ever read the entire story on the whole supergirl? I just checked it out on MoviePoopShoot (which I have to say they have a pretty good archive) Got lost after the whole Matrix/angel thing....

well Ill comment a month later hahaha

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