Friday, January 07, 2005

First Attempt

This is a first attempt at an ink wash.

The character's name is Johnny Justice and hopefully he will appear in a two-part one shot in the not-so-distant future. He is the main protagonist of the book, has no superpowers, is wrongfully accused, and has some pretty cool toys. Oh, and he has to prevent the world from nuclear destruction. Aside from all of this, he's just like you and I - a guy "going through the motions" so to speak.

His inception started early last year sometime when I realized it was now or never regarding making a comic book. I wasn't sure if I wanted someone with superpowers, but the more I tried to tinker with the idea of "hey, my guy has powers unlike any other superhero..." the more I realized that I would rather have an ordinary guy face extraordinary circumstances. I guess that would be a highly general theme of the book, for now, at least.

J out.