Thursday, February 03, 2005

Vacation Gone Awry

Using references for comic art is an invaluable thing. Nowadays it’s easy to just google any topic and, bada-bing, you have a reference point. It makes the piece much more believable to the viewer, and it also serves as a good exercise for the artist.

I have always viewed the Punisher as sort of a man’s man, kind of like the guy at school that deep down every guy wants to be like, but they are too afraid to talk to. I chose this particular bike because it’s nothing too fancy or nice to look at, but gets the job done.

I thought the Hawaiian shirt would give the sketch a little extra personality, and the colors contrasted to the grey of the ink wash make the image pop off the page. And who’s to say that Frank has no sense of humor? All in all, I am relatively happy with the way this sketch turned out; although at the time I wished the drawing space was a little bigger (8.5” x 11” restricts quite a bit when I’m used to 11” x 17”.

J out.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Punishment Continues

And with a little rendering in photoshop...

J out.


I honestly cannot remember the last time I sketched other characters besides my own. I had an urge to draw the Punisher last night for some reason, and it proved to be a lot of fun. Hopefully, this will be one of many sketches done of other characters; one can learn a lot from drawing various body types, movements, etc.

This sketch took about an hour and a half, from inception to completion. Done in my new $3.48 Sketchbook.

J out.

Oil Change

Where do superheroes go when they need the oil changed in their “super-vehicles?” I doubt they drive up to the local Snappy Lube and say, “Give me a full service check, and don’t forget to reload the Tommy gun on the passenger side door.” I’m pretty positive they provide the maintenance themselves, or get their butlers to do it.

This is a sketch of Johnny Justice running a diagnostic on the spring-release tension for the glider wings. One can never be too careful. Or too prepared.

J out.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Props to the Lady

This is a “Friday night” pinup done of LP9. I managed to find a couple pieces of sketch paper although it definitely is not the right type for ink washes, as it tended to curl and warp every time I added another shot of watered down ink =)

I named the sniper rifle “Bolt-Action Betty” because it adds a little femininity and personalization to LP9’s character. Also, she can nickname it “BABS”, lol. I am enjoying the usage of simple lines on characters because it allows for the details to be rendered in washes, yet highlighting the creases, seams, etc. This is a hard technique to pull off at times because you have to find the balance between too many and too few lines. Too many, and the drawing can look like overkill with the washes; too few, and the piece looks too sparse. At least this is what I have found.

J out.