Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cover Story (part II)

As promised, here are about 50% of the inks for the cover of Johnny Justice. The figure in the background will be inked differently, with no shadows so that Johnny Justice pops out in the foreground. Once the inks are completed, the image will be rendered slightly in Photoshop – there are a few elements from the story that will look better on the cover if done digitally.

I chose to go with my classic inking style for the cover versus the ink wash because I think the contrasts of black and white have more punch.

J out.

Let Freedom Ring!

In the tradition of drawing existing characters, I thought I would take a stab at Captain America. This sketch is actually only 50% finished, as I have not added the ink wash yet. For aesthetic purposes I colored his shield, and I will probably continue this theme (leaving only his shield in color) after the sketch is completed.

This gives you a glimpse at not only a work in progress, but also as to how detailed (mainly spotting blacks) I generally get in preparation for inks. The scanner did not pick up the background pencils which depict the wall he is leaning against, an American flag, silhouettes of three fighter jets, and a New York skyline pre-9/11. I added the imagery purely for symbolic purposes – because Cap is the embodiment of America.

J out.

Fantastic Sketch

I’ve been told my art style has retro elements to it (you know who you are!), and so I decided to tap into that with a sketch of Sue Richards a.k.a. the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. I purposely tried to use the rudiments of the classic Silver Age for this sketch, therefore the hairdo and dated costume.

I used the cover from Amazing Spiderman #1 for reference, but try as I must, I could not bring myself to give her those giant hips…

J out.