Friday, February 18, 2005

Wreaking Havoc

I realized last night that it’s been a few days since I had posted anything. I’ve been working on a few sequentials per request, and with the busy life I lead, they have been taking up the few hours a week I have to spare. I was running extremely short on time, but I had to throw down a sketch or two.

In the tradition of the Iron Chef Challenges on Gelatometti, I decided I would try to complete a sketch in an hour or less. It ended up being less – a lot less. 00:18:57 to be exact! I wanted to choose a character without a lot of detail because I was afraid that the time would pass by too quickly if I focused too much on detailed work, thus the sketch of the old school Havoc. I loved Marc Silvestri’s run on Uncanny and I especially loved his rendition of Havoc, who I’ve always thought was way cooler than his brother Cyclops. The guy can turn mountains into powder, for Pete’s sake!

I chose to work with a big fat marker for the blacks to save time. Besides, it’s just a sketch, not a finished page. I must say that I enjoyed working under small time constraints because the action of the page IMO is captured better as a result of not tweaking every little detail and erasing, adding, erasing, and so on.

J out.

Big Fat Black Marker

This started as a warm-up sketch of Black Widow, but I ended up adding inks to experiment with a marker. I found that some of the same effects used with a brush can be done with a thick marker - and in a lot less time!

One of the infinite joys of having kids is watching their expressions. My son gives you that "Uh oh, I'm in trouble" look whenever you tell him to "Come here!" So I thought maybe he would respond better if Natasha told him to "Get over here right now!" LOL

A better look.

J out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

We Are the World

I’ve noticed that a few of you logging onto this blog are from other parts of the world. I’ve received a few hits from Italy, even from China. To that I say, welcome, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far. I feel that comics can transcend any language and/or culture barriers – always have, always will.

One half of my family is from Greece, so I thought it appropriate as a welcome to those outside the U.S. and a tribute to my roots to post a sketch of the Amazonian Princess hiking up one of the treacherous cliffs that are prevalent in Greece. Although experimenting with ink wash is fun, nothing beats the classic contrast of black and white, IMO.

J out.