Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Venger: Dead Man Rising

I am in the beginnings of producing the pages for a comic called Venger: Dead Man Rising, hopefully due out by spring of this year by way of Ronin Studios. Together with my script-proficient pal Matt Spatola, we hope to produce the independent blockbuster of the summer. The plot involves twists, turns, alley-oops, and downright smack-yo-momma action!

Creating a character from scratch is always a challenge, and many different variations will hopefully lead you to the right path. I have found that the best way to approach this is to draw several renditions and pick and choose the elements from each sketch that I like the best.

Since Democracy is cool, as more sketches, tweaking, and concepts are added, I would like to post them and let people vote on their favorite. And although Dictatorship generally wins over matters like this, input from fellow comic and non-comic readers would be interesting…you gotta know your consumer, after all!

A little on the costume: I wanted to incorporate elements of easy movement and sleekness to his suit. Although masks are cool, I thought it more appropriate to limit him to light-enhancing goggles since in most cases action generally happens at night, and it’s hard to make out a guy’s face in the shadows anyway. His undershirt is made up of a sweat wicking material (similar to Nike’s Dri-Fit™ clothing) because it’s flexible, lightweight, and keeps him cool/warm depending on the situation. His vest is a thin, Kevlar-rubber compound that flexes easily, and has a clasp (similar to a backpack) that attaches on the upper portions of his back. The boots have an athletic sole to them, and he has shin protectors in case midgets attack him, LOL!

J out.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Rogue's Gallery

I honestly haven’t read an X-Men comic since Jim Lee’s run, and my favorite mutant era has always been Silvestri’s for some reason. I can’t tell you what Rogue’s current costume looks like, but with all the “Ultimate” this and “MK” that, I decided I would try my hand at an update of what I could picture her as. No “battle armor” or anything fancy like that, just newer clothes…and the same white streak in her hair.

Once again I used markers for the heavy blacks. I’m finding this to be a real time saver for my sketchbook entries, and I can save the real stuff for the 11x17 Bristol…

J out.

The Cowboy Way

I really enjoy watching westerns – especially the older ones. So why didn’t I just draw a cowboy? Because Logan is one of the few remaining “cowboys” in the comics universe, that’s why…and I also wanted to take a stab at drawing him.

I think it would be neat to bring back the Western genre to mainstream comics. We need a dose of non-politically correct dialogue and actions; kind of a “quit trying not to step on everyone’s toes” type of feel, lol.

Say your prayers, sucker…

J out.