Thursday, March 03, 2005

All-American (Page 1)

I’m sure some of you who log onto this blog often wonder, “Does this guy do anything except pinups and sketches?” The answer is yes and no. I primarily set this blog up with intentions of mainly posting pinups, etc. However, by request of a very well-known comic artist an exception will be made the following weeks (hopefully sooner!).

The mission, should I choos
e to accept it, is to show examples of my sequential work. I actually enjoy drawing sequential pages more than sketching or doing pinups, but with my schedule if I had chose to showcase pages instead of quick drawings on this blog, there would probably be only a couple posts!

I chose Captain America to give a general idea of my style of work because he’s a sort of your all-around meat and potatoes superhero. The pages (total of 3) are finished, but this is the only one inked so far.

I recorded a two hour show on the History Channel about comics and Cap was always shown fighting Nazis, Japanese, etc corresponding with the wars the U.S. was involved in. I figured that showing him in a conflict with terrorists would be appropriate in today’s time. As silly as it may sound, I really felt a sense of American pride while drawing these pages. I can imagine what people like Kirby felt while doing their part to keep the spirits of Americans lifted.

So Mike, please enjoy and feel free to drop me a few comments as I post these pages.

J out.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Venger Concept no 3

A shot of the Venger in action. The pants/boots are a bit different from the previous two concepts. Not sure if I like the “one-piece” pant-boot or a separate boot…

I’ve tried to maintain the same background feel throughout the sketches for consistency purposes.

J out.

Power to the People

Physical fitness has always been a daily regimen for me, and up until a few months ago I was heavy into weightlifting. I had been cycling (mountain bikes, not steroids) throughout the summer and since complacency has never been my thing, I decided a few months ago I would compete in my first triathlon. Training for this has been really fun, and my Incredible Hulk weight of almost 230 lbs. quickly descended to just shy of 200 lbs. within a couple months. Sure I can no longer bench press 350 lbs, but I’ll bet I can outrun you, lol!

p.s. Power Girl does not compete in triathlons…but she can bench press 350 lbs with one finger while eating a tuna wrap…

J out.

Venger Concept no 2

Here is concept No. 2. It’s not a huge variation from the first, but it’s the little things that count…

The bo is made of titanium with a carbon fiber handle that has a button on the side to spring it open to full length. What, you were expecting plain old aluminum?!?

J out.