Friday, April 01, 2005

'Cause This is Thriller...

I received this email, and was asked if I would pass it on to any of you who may be horror-comic fans..., ( the internets leading news and information site for horror and monster comics announces its April contest. and Chanting Monks Press president and horror writer Joe Monks are joining forces for a month long promotion that features an exclusive interview, special project announcements, and a month of giveaways of Chanting Monks Press prizes.

Week 1: Signed copies of Roadkills & The Night Terrors and a copy of Zacherley's Midnite Terrors #1

Week 2: Signed copies of Roadkills, Stuff Out'a My Head paperback and ZMT #2

Week 3: Roadkills, Stuff Paperback, and copies of Night Terrors and ZMT 1 & 2

Week 4: Roadkills, Stuff, ZMT 1 & 2 and Night Terrors with tee shirt

Week 5: ZMT 1, 2, and 3 signed, Stuff Out'a My Head paperback and copy of the Flowers on the Razorwire DVD.

For a chance to win any of the cool prizes involved in this promotion, all you will need to do is go to and register, its free. A winner will be picked each Saturday. Use this link below to register for a chance to win: You will get an email confirmation of your registration that you will have to click to activate your membership.


J out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


A piece from the "l'accumulazione del seduction" of my sketchbook...

I've been diligently working on pages for Venger and tending to family and school stuff here recently, and not to mention training for my triathlon in May. All in all, another typical week(s) in the life of...

Cool news concerning Venger: a very prominent artist in the comics industry (who also happens to be a great pal o' mine) has agreed to contribute a pinup for issue #1. His name will remain anonymous for the time being, so check back here from time to time for more updates concerning this and other Venger news. Also, issue #1 will include some extras that have never been done before in comics...a little lagniappe if you will (google if you are unfamiliar with the term).

J out.