Friday, April 08, 2005

Plagiarism is...Some people use real life for reference, others use comics...

This was done for my boss who is a huge Cap fan and has bought me too many lunches to count.

J out.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One More Try...

Received several mixed comments (here and on various message boards) on the previous Wonder Woman sketch I did (see “We Are the World” post), so I decided to take another stab at the Amazonian Princess. The old school bottoms are courtesy of inspiration from Linda Carter, the quintessential Wonder Woman IMO – however campy the actual episodes are…

Things are progressing slowly, but surely on Venger. I’m almost 20% finished with the interior artwork. How do I know this? Because I excel at math.

In other news, I have finally tackled the GMAT (that’s the test to get into grad school for an MBA (Master of Business Administration)). I will find out within the next couple of weeks if I got in or not. “Why are you trying to pursue a Master’s degree on top of a Marketing degree if your passion is drawing comics?” you ask. Because it puts bread on the table…and bread is good for ya.

J out.