Friday, May 13, 2005


I dunno why today seems like a “Marvel” day (maybe it has to do with it being Friday the 13th!) but here’s my interpretation of Black Cat, with her costume tweaked a tad. Really it’s just a sketch that was done this morning at school while I was waiting around for one of my professors to get out of a class. And to answer your question, yes, I do carry around pencils, pens, and an art pad…lol!

I somewhat enjoyed Millar and Dodson’s run on MK Spiderman, however I feel as though Dodson kinda skimped out a little on the art…oh well, it’s still better than I can do! Millar’s writing is always top-notch in my book (except for Wanted – do ya think he could’ve put MORE f-words in that book?!?)

J out.

White About Now...

As I mentioned in prior posts, I am a fan of the late 80’s era of X-Men. I think that the overall mood of that entire era of mutants was a little darker and really deep as far as characters/plots. That’s not to say that the current stuff is not good, but I really wouldn’t know as I don’t collect any of the new X-Men comics…maybe I should.

“So why did you post a picture of the White Queen in her new costume instead of her old one if you are a fan of the older stuff?” you ask.

“Because it looks cool” is my reply…

J out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Well, this year marks some short-term goals being completed:

1) I finally have a comic book published
2) I trained for, and completed a triathlon
3) I am graduating college (actually this became more of a long-term goal!)

It’s such a great feeling for me to be able to sit back and put check marks next to things that I have “set out to do before I die”, and the feeling of satisfaction of knowing that I stuck through the tough times in order to appreciate the completion of these tasks.

The whole process with the Venger issue #1 was literally a whirlwind of steps that were completed in what I felt was a record time, and I have many people to thank for their contributions to this thrilling first issue. Please keep in mind that the demanding deadline we were facing was a result of wanting to release this issue in time for Wizard World Philly. First off, Matt, whose 7-page snippet of the story captured my attention right off the bat, did more than his share behind the scenes. He was the main reason we were able to offer this issue at such a low price, and still give the reader a poster and a CD with the entire comic on it (limited to first 50 purchases). He did such a good job as “coordinator” that this whole thing would not have been possible without his hard work, so give your props to my brutha-man! I knew he was the real deal whenever I wanted to find out “what happens next?” after my initial reading/rereading of the script. Issue #1 will definitely keep you wanting for more! Secondly, DADICUS colored practically the entire book in a matter of a weekend – literally. I was pulling my hair out wondering if the pages were going to be sent to me in time for the lettering (done by yours truly) and in enough time to be sent to the printers. He told me that I should expect to be impressed…impressed I was! Dude, you so rock! Thirdly, GNF’s last minute contribution caught me by a pleasant surprise – he really pulled through for us, and for that he’s at the top of my list of coolest people I know. His pinup his top-notch, to say the least…Lastly (but by no means least!) my wife, Angela, who allowed me the time to only say hello to her and my 19-month old son after coming home from school/work and head straight to my office and start drawing until time to go to bed for the last three weeks. In my defense, she is just as excited as I that this issue is coming out; at least that’s what I try to keep telling myself…

On a side note, I would also like to personally thank you, my peers that keep coming back to this blog (even though I keep it updated about every other week) and have shared your input, thoughts, and critiques in order that we could produce a higher quality book for you to read. This includes professionals (you know who you are) and also people like me who still get giddy as Christmas whenever Wednesday rolls around and the latest batch of comics are delivered to my local comic shops. My hat goes off to you all!

This is gonna be one heckuva series (7 issues), and I hope that by the end you will all agree.

J out.