Friday, May 20, 2005


I was cleaning out some files today and ran across a couple of scans that others have sent me over the past few months. This one in particular is neat because it features both of the main characters that have fueled this blog since its inception. The artist is Nathan Gilmer, and I think that the style, although extremely unfinished, is pretty nice. Maybe I’ll print it off in blue and ink it when I find some free time (in the next year or so!)

It’s altogether flattering and exciting to see an “outsider’s” take on characters you’ve developed – especially when the drawings come in unexpected, heh. I know that I’m not the only one who draws other comic creator’s characters for fun!

J out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Silver Bullet

Below is what is posted on Silver Bullet Comics:


The Venger: Dead Man Rising, a new Ronin Studios title premieres at Wizard World Philly.

Visitors to the Wizard World Philly comic book convention June 3-5 will be able to purchase the first issue of The Venger: Dead Man Rising, a new comic from Ronin Studios by writer Matt Spatola and artist Jason Ossman.

The Venger: Dead Man Rising boldly combines modern comic action styles, cinematic pacing and beautiful ink wash images. The title, written with a nod to the action and suspense of the ‘pulp style’, promises to turn heads with readers, making the excitement of the Wizard convention the perfect place for the creators to unveil their unique vision.

Set in a modern day metropolis, The Venger: Dead Man Rising tells the dark and intriguing story of Alexander Cabot, a former hero of the ‘golden age’. He was the Venger, a grim protector of the city’s innocent citizens. Now he is an old man whose exploits as the Venger have been long forgotten. When a series of unsolved murders plague the city he believes that his greatest enemy has returned from the dead. But who would believe him? Now he must convince his police detective grandson, Michael Cabot, that only a new Venger will be able to stop the killings. Ultimately though will his drive to destroy his greatest enemy destroy his family in the process?

“I really want to focus this series on the choices these characters make and the outcomes, both good and bad, from those choices,” says series creator and writer Matt Spatola.

“The two of them are coming at the same problem from very different perspectives. Michael is a cop. His job is the law and we are going to learn through the series that his life is the law too. Alexander was a vigilant of sorts. When he was ‘working’ he wasn’t worried about the law. He was concerned about punishing the guilty. How do these opposites connect, or will they connect, to stop the killings? How far is either of them willing to go towards meeting the other,” added Spatola.

“But trust me; this isn’t a series with page after page of exposition. Things will move along quickly and with plenty of action.”

He added that “there will be quite a few flashbacks as we lead readers through understanding who Alexander is as a person and who he was as a hero. This is where we will see those fabulous ink wash pages. Series artist Jason Ossman is really doing great things with the book; people are going to be blown away by his stuff. I can’t say enough about him. He’s been a true partner throughout the development and design of the book. He really pushed me as a writer to be sure my level of writing was matching up with his level of artwork.”

According to Spatola the seven issue miniseries will take readers through many twists and turns. Future issues of the series will continue the exploration of both characters as they strive to stop the killings and will include a family tragedy, the return of the Venger, the discovery of the identity of the killer and a revelation of a secret that could destroy them both.

The Venger: Dead Man Rising #1 will be available at the Ronin Studios booth at Wizard World Philly and at all the major conventions this year. The book can also be ordered online at and or by emailing

The Venger: Dead Man Rising #1: written by Matthew Spatola, cover and interior art by Jason Ossman, grayscale by Derrick West; 32 black & white pages, full color covers, retail price $2.00

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tha Netwerk

This is my contribution to the “2005 Bloggers Jam”. The basic premise was including our own ‘blogger studio’ of artists (DADICUS, GNF, and yours truly) to do a jam that featured existing DC characters, but revamped a tad for kicks. Once they are completed, they will be merged into one image for a pinup of epic proportions! LOL!

This was colored in practically no time, and the colors aren’t permanent by any means. Once DADICUS gets his finished (hint hint) I am sure that he will do a better job of converging the colors so that the image looks unified.
N fact, once the characters are merged into one piece, whoever wants to participate in the coloring just drop me a line at and you too could be a star, LOL!

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep your mouse pointed in this direction because in a couple of weeks there will be a Venger: Dead Man Rising Contest in which the winner will receive a straight-up wicked cool Venger “pack” (including a bonus prize).

I can’t believe I just said “straight-up wicked cool”…

J out.