Friday, June 17, 2005

I Am Linked to the Batmobile

I have never much cared for the idea of making movies out of comic books simply because comics are a very genre-specific medium. It’s easy to flip through a comic and not think twice about people running around in brightly-colored tights, etc, but when seen in “real-life” the concept loses its appeal somewhat. Also I’m not a big fan of certain companies trying to crank out as many comic-related movies as they can while the whole “comic book fad” is in full swing because the quality diminishes with each film (at least that’s my opinion).

That being said, there are a few movies that were done very well – some staying in step with the comics. The following list corresponds more with my enjoyment rather than how true they were to the comics. IMO Spiderman (1 & 2) has captured the essence of not straying too far from the origin, and was a great movie to boot. The Superman movies were great for their time (my fingers are crossed for the newest adaptation). X-Men was tricky because unless you were familiar with the characters you were pretty lost. There was no way they could cover every character’s origin and still have time for action, and I enjoyed X2 even more than the first. Hellboy: good stuff =) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was neat as well. The Punisher was cool up to the point when Travolta was shown – that guy just plain sucks.

Which brings me to Batman Begins. I have only two words for this movie: Marvel who?

I’m not going to give a play-by-play breakdown of what worked and what didn’t - you can find that on someone else’s blog. The whole movie simply rocked. Period.

What’s really cool is that a company we partner with frequently (located in Rayne, Louisiana) for events, tires for our vehicles, etc supplied those 44” tires on the Batmobile. Still trying to get some free stuff, lol…

J out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Okay, certain people (ahem, DADICUS) have mentioned the term “Dead Blog” (on more than one occasion, lol) so I figured I would post a sketch of a random character I threw down in the sketchpad a month or so ago.

Her name is Tala which in Native American translates into “stalking wolf”. The inspiration came from my wife who is something like 1/8 Indian (Native American). Thus the bow and arrows, feathers, etc.

But of course I had to throw in the high-tech weapons, sunglasses, comm-link, and grenade, lol. It’s easier to blow stuff up with that kind of arsenal =)

J out.