Thursday, July 07, 2005

Warming Up: Part II

Well, it’s Thursday and we know what that means, boys and girls?!? More senseless violence! Hurray for guns, lol!

Page 2 (or dos, lol) of my warm-ups. Special thanks to J. Antonio for translating the script.

I didn’t want to re-post page 1 simply because of repetition’s sake, and besides, the fourth comment under the post gives you the dialogue anyway.

For those of you just joining us, we find our anti-hero, "El Patron" in the midst of a job. See post below for explanations on what is going on with this series and why it exists. Oh, and the above image does not need any explanation, or at least I don't think it does, lol.

BTW the orange letters on the top right of this blog aren't there for cosmetics. And while yer at it, check out the WIP link beneath my sig - it stands for Work In Progress, which means that yours truly has yet another book coming out. More info to come on this project for Arcana. So go ahead, click 'em...

J out.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Warming-Up: Part I

I always make it a point to warm-up before doing any “major” drawing (i.e. pages). Some people don’t require this, but I do. Not only does it get your hand muscles loosened up, but this process also allows anything on your mind to dissolve – sort of a “winding down” so that by the time you are onto the “real drawing” you’re not worrying about a test coming up, or how much it’s going to cost to take your child to the doctor, lol.

I usually like to take 15-30 minutes to loosen up, and what you see here is a result of one of these warm-up sessions (okay, the lettering was done on the computer, lol). In fact, I have quite the collection of “el Patron” sequentials in my sketchbook. So many that I will be posting them every Tuesday and Thursday (at least it will move the blog along, heh). So you’re probably thinking, “Why is this is Spanish?!?” Because it fits. Oh, and J. Antonio please email me if the grammar is incorrect. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to CLICK ME for translations. For a better shot, HIT ME!

This should be fun =)

J out.

If the Shoe Fits...

Original character designs have always been fun and challenging to me. I have always felt that not only is it important for your favorite superhero (or villain) to look cool, but their costume(s) should be functional as well. A prime example of this is Black Mercy’s original costume design. Initially, it consisted of a “form-fitting” mini-skirt, but for the series, I changed it so that she’s wearing more of a “hot pant” sort of thing. It just makes more sense to me that wearing something a little more flexible and, er, a little less-revealing would be less of a hindrance when jumping through skylights or maneuvering a whip, lol. And for those of you who are scratching your heads, all of this was in issue #1 of The Venger: Dead Man Rising – go pick it up!

J out.