Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Video Killed the...Comic Book Star?

It seems I missed the boat regarding the Tuesday/Thursday “warm-up sketch sessions” as I cannot seem to remember to bring my sketchbook with me to scan the rest of the pages. Oh well, you are probably sick of seeing El Patron anyway =)

On a brighter note, follow this link to check out a blogger surprise I created using extremely high-tech equipment, lol. When you get to the page, simply download the link (dial-up users beware as it is a whopping 10 mb file!).

The artwork for Issue 2 of Sundown: Arizona is almost complete, and when I get the word from Arcana I plan on posting a couple of images from the book. This book is truly going to put the Western genre (long overdue) back on the map!

I will say this: this has definitely been the most challenging artwork I have ever been a part of, but a definite learning experience. The “hands-on” experience I am desperately trying to grab from this is improvement on my storytelling. It’s amazing how the little things that comic readers take for granted (or don’t even notice!) are often the reasons that certain books contain that specific “feel” to them. For instance, the size of the gutters, even the color of the gutters can affect a story tremendously. With Sundown, the story revolves around suspense. Mix that up with a generous dose of horror, and it’s no wonder that all the gutters tend to end up being black, and it’s amazing the effect it creates.

Hopefully, Sean (Arcana’s President/EIC) will shoot me over some sample colored pages soon to whet your appetite.

In the meantime, go have yourself a nice oatmeal and raisin cookie – they’re the coolest =)

J out.