Monday, August 08, 2005

Getting iNTiMATE

One of my fav books right now is the Intimates (even tho my excitement has dwindled a bit since Cammo left). At last year’s Wizard World Texas DC did a panel showcasing the book, and I picked up a couple of “exclusive variant covers” of issue 1 (complete w/Jim and Cammo’s sig). This title is as close to manga as I’ll get to, and in a way it’s sort of like the American version of the ever-so-popular Japanese style of comics.

On another note, all’s I got left are the inks to page 24 and issue #2 of Sundown: Arizona is complete on my end! The vacation I took last week was a much needed one, and I managed to get seven pages completed in a span of four days – whew! But its onto issue 3 now…=)

J out.