Monday, August 15, 2005


As I mentioned prior to this posting, Sundown has been a stretch for me artistically in that I have jumped head-first into very unfamiliar territory. Here I was thinking that I would specialize in the post-modern, high-tech, superhero settings in the comic book realm and I get a story set in 1880 instead =)

Just goes to show that expecting the unexpected is always a good adage to live by.

This is a panel from Sundown: Arizona issue 2. Here we find one of our main characters (along with a group of others) plunging deep into the heart of one of Sobrante’s mineshafts with nothing but a torch, a pistol, and his wits. The reason for all of this? You’ll just have to pick up issue 2 to find out! I would have posted a shot with the colors and lettering, but I wanted to give a “behind the scenes” type of image as you will be able to check out all of the cool effects, etc when the book comes out this September.

I may post up some images of another of the main characters, Clay (the roughneck sheriff and brother to the guy in the above panel) some other time. I must add that Jay did a really nice job with coming up with the different characters and giving them their own voice =) I only hope that my artwork will add that extra dimension to the story.

J out.

Hospital Woes

Last Thursday, was spent at the hospital due to my wife and mine’s decision not to have any more children – snip, snip, lol. Needless to say, I brought my sketchbook with me and got quite a bit of tinkering accomplished as the doctor was performing surgery on my wife. I was this close (holds finger and thumb approx. 1/8 inch apart) to lugging the latest page of Sundown up to the room with me to work on, but decided against it since my wife was priority number one, and I should probably see to it that she was comfortable, not me =)

Anyway, I found myself revisiting some of my favorite characters and came up with a couple of sketches of the Venger (yes I am THAT egotistical to say that he is one of my favorite characters of all time, lol). I ended up drawing a total of three Vengers, Psylocke, a random superhero, and …Chuck Norris?!? Not too shabby for a few hours of waiting.

I took off the rest of the week to cater to my wife and watch the young’ens. I did, however, get to work on Sundown a little =)

J out.