Thursday, August 25, 2005

See Ya Later

We are moving houses this weekend, and I’ve been packing things from my office throughout the week. I had been meaning to take some shots of my “studio” prior to the packing but completely forgot so what you see here is a stripped-down version of my work space, complete with about 8 boxes of miscellaneous stuff in the middle of the floor (which I tried to conceal as best I could). The office measures approx. 10’x15’ which I find pretty ironic due to what I spend most of my time doing in there (those of you who are comic artists will get it) although for some reason in these shots it looks tiny, lol.

The cool thing about my comic collection other than a couple of short stacks of newer issues they are already “packed” in boxes for ease of transport =)

Pictured here in my makeshift panorama is my entertainment center (sans entertainment, lol), road bike, mountain bike, art table, tools of the trade (in two separate containers w/three drawers each – which you cannot see because of the angle :P), pc, and the entry/exit into/out of the office. I haven’t managed to take down my Jim Lee posters yet as they will be the last thing to leave the old office and the first thing to be set up in my new one…gotta have some inspiration from somewhere =)

I added the sepia toning to the pic because it gives it that “so long, old friend” feel, lol.

This shot was taken @ 2:36 a.m. this morning after I decided that the pencils I layed down were adequate enough to constitute going to bed. It’s going to be a long weekend…

J out.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My First Time

In the spirit of nostalgia (and Dadicus’s most recent blog entry) here is a shot of the first ever comic book I ever owned – and I didn’t even purchase it myself.

The year was 1989. It was a typical Saturday afternoon and my family and I was visiting the local mall as we always did on Saturdays. My aunt was with us that weekend from out of town (not sure of the occasion), and as she and I were en route to meet my parents at the food court we (at my request) passed through CardCo, the tiny kiosk that housed comics, baseball cards, and (in a few months) boxes of Batman™ cards from the original movie ::drool::

As I was looking at the new releases rack, she said she would buy me a comic book, but nothing over 75 cents. As I scanned the rack for something that fell into that price range my eyes fell on “Solo Avengers Starring Hawkeye #14”, a must have for any serious collector, lol. I distinctly remember picking it up never realizing that I would someday try to emulate the things that my eyes were seeing.

I wish I could say that I had been hooked and spent all of my allowance on comics from then on, but it wasn’t until around the time of Jim Lee’s X-Men that I truly started taking the idea of comics “seriously.” Like Dadicus, it was the 7th grade, and I met another who shared the same passion…but that is another post altogether and I am working on getting the newspaper clipping from that story as we speak =)

Quick stats on the aforementioned comic:
Solo Avengers #14
Cover Date: January 1989
Writer(s): Tom DeFalco; Chris Claremont
Artist(s): Al Milgrom; Alan Davis
Inker(s): Jose Marzan; Joe Rubinstein
Colorist(s): Janet Jackson; Paul Becton
Letterer(s): Jack Morelli; Tom Orzechowski
Story Title(s): When the Widow Calls; Court Costs
Appearances By: Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Black Widow; She-Hulk, Titania

Alas, it now sports a nice tear on the cover thanks to my younger brother, lol.

J out.