Friday, September 02, 2005

Revving Up for Exposure

Here's a link to the latest INTERVIEW.

J out.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Settling In

I definitely had an action-packed weekend! We are settling into our new house nicely, and my oldest son (will be 2 in September) has taken to it rather well =)

I managed to get the essentials of my office set up last night with plans to start hitting the drawing board tonight. After the weekend’s move and about 600 lbs of comics my arms didn’t quite feel like holding a pencil, at least not confidently, lol

Thankfully, the weather held out long enough so that nothing got wet (Google: Hurricane Katrina) in the process. We aren’t in any danger since we live in the Northeast corner of the boot state, but rain is inevitable.

Oh ya, the above sketch is really old, but it’s the only thing I had on my pc that hasn’t been shown before…I’ve been procrastinating in regards to scanning any newer stuff, and I need to get some more things onto the pc (I have the “conclusion” of the warm-up sessions a.k.a. El Patron collecting dust in my sketchbook).

J out.