Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pocket Full Of...

Currently I am working on a double-page spread for issue 3 of Sundown. When I first read the script, I was thinking to myself, “Holy guacamole, I am soooo screwed!” I have to admit, I was a tad apprehensive right up to when I started on it, but then something weird happened…I totally relaxed and so far IMHO it is looking like the best page(s) of the series (on my end at least).

My mind tends to wander when I am “in the zone” on a page, and all sorts of things bounce around the ol’ noggin. One of them was the fact that I had never attempted to draw the Man of Steel. Yeah, yeah, I know…you’re thinking, “WhaddayameanyouhaventdrawnSuperman?!?” Pretty sad, actually, lol

Anyhoo here is my feeble attempt at taking a stab at the last son of Krypton. I initially wanted to go for the “classic” look, thus the HUGE symbol on his chest a la John Byrne. It also had hardly any rendering and shadows done to it since it was, after all, just a sketch to say I’ve drawn Supes, but once I threw the first spot of black on the leg I was screwed, lol.

The ironic thing is that it took me three times as long to throw down the colors (a little over an hour) as it did the actual artwork…I guess you can now add the mouse as well as the sword in terms of falling prey to the pen. At least in my case =)

J out.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Antagonize Me

So I’ll bet you’re all wondering…just who ARE the antagonists in Sundown: Arizona?!? Here’s a sneak peak at a shot from issue 3 of one of the many, many “bad guys” in the book. The main villain will be revealed at the end of issue 2, and when you find out who it is, there ain’t no way you won’t be picking up the final issue! Darn tootin’!

J out.